Yoga and Meditation Instruction

Yoga Instruction

Our yoga instruction draws from a rich tradition of classical yoga taught at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat, one of the premier yoga centers in the United States.  Children have the opportunity to learn classical poses as well as the opportunity to help demonstrate the poses.

Some yoga poses that we cover include:

  • Standing forward bend
  • Downward facing dog
  • Baby Cobra
  • Bow
  • Corpse Pose
  • Sun Salutations
  • Tree Pose

Kids are encouraged to participate to the extent they can.

Meditation Instruction

The meditation instruction for kids is developed to help children learn to relax and quiet their mind.  The instruction is simple, easy, and fun for kids of all ages.  Some techniques that we cover include:

  • Centering
  • The Wiggle Bowl
  • Heart Meditation

The instructors have taught yoga and meditation to children for several years and for adults for well over a decade. 

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