Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials

Each child receives a beautiful binder of materials, handouts, and worksheets. Topics covered in the binder include:

  • Puja & Prayers
  • Stories from the Panchatantra, Puranas, Ramayana, and the Mahabharata
  • Yoga and meditation for kids
  • YogaMats

    A key method for teaching children will be through the use of an innovative combination of yoga and meditation instruction as well as academic instruction through the use of specially designed worksheets called YogaMats.  These worksheets combine art, science, and some instruction for yoga and meditation.  Click below for an example.

    Example ShivaMat

    These mats will be used for instruction as well as for homework.  The mats contain games, stories, diagrams, and also Hindi letters.

    Helper of the Day

    Many classes will have a child helper of the day to give kids the chance to learn and lead at the same time!

    Blending Tradition with Today’s Culture

    Our classes are unique in that they help children who are growing up in today’s fast-paced technology-oriented society learn to appreciate and imbibe the rich spiritual tradition of Yoga. We stay true to the spiritual teachings but present them in the context of today’s culture. We help children develop a balanced view of life, not rejecting things out of hand, but not accepting them without thought.

    Arati Tray

    Arati Tray

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